Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

two twix or not two twix...

just finished lunch....
had a "twix" bar for dessert...
it was soooo good, I'm having another.

So much for my recent efforts to stop going back for more, which, btw, is a really good way to deal with overeating... I mean... most people that have issues with their bodies are the masters of their own Miss. Fortune. They have a healthy, well proportioned meal... then go back for another helping... maybe a third. Gotta lean to eat with your brain... not your eyes.

Of course, that's pretty well "bite me" advice coming from the guy that is now reaching into the drawer* to grab another twix bar... purrrrr....

* this is how I am punished for going to Giant Tiger (discount store) and loading up on office snacks...

gosh... is this ever riveting stuff... I tell ya... we both know your so happy you hooked up with moi! :)
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