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Bad dubbya... wwwwwwwack!

Ok... I thought people liked that Dean guy... whatever... just so long as all y'all get around to sending George W. back to his ranch to beat up chickens.
I've decided to get a dog... not a real dog mind you, but a virtual journal dog. His name is Dubbya. He's a skanky haired poodle. We'll see if I get him an ornamental hair cut later. For now, I'm going to potty train my little Dubbya. There will be loads of beating with rolled up satellite programming guides (thicker than newspaper). I don't really like shaggy haired rats er... poodles. Just say'en.

Up here in the frozen north, it's the day that Belinda Stornach will announce her candidacy in a bid for leadership of the federal conservative party. Newspaper men and woman across this great country and kneeling before craven idols as I type praying their hearts out... and if you think that's extreme... the political cartoonists are prol'y busy making live blood sacrifices in desperate prayers for Belinda's success. Personally, I think she (Belinda) is exactly what the canadian political landscape needs to crawl out of the one-party out-house. We'll see.

~ black ftls
~ dk beige dockers...
~ strange pattern on a collarless shirt
~ tommy sweater and a wee pin... but I can't remember the name of the statue it represents...
~ on yelling at dubbya a bunch.
~ laying out a series of document templates... and I'm doing them in MS Word.* (see mini rant below)
~ watch some of the American Idol auditions with the boys tonight... (they freaking love them!!!! :D)
~ get some new code started for my web site...
~ for the american health care system to maybe... possibly... cut my pal sugar-bonze a little slack... (er, that's bramey!! :D
~ my friends luc and reens get back their health... of course, by then Daniel will be in school... bringing home all those germs...
~ for things to even out for lil'snack-n-cakes, passerine
~ hopefully white_daisies is asleep and wont see this... have a nice snooze lil'sugar.
~ to point out that sneetches is a god!! There should be little porcelain figurines of her on your mantel...
~ for sweet relief to find my precious friend kimberly27616kimberly90210
~ quiet little high fives over to topazgrrl... just 'cause...

For some strange reason... people around here say things like; "well lets get it into an excel format so it will be easier to handle..." and they're talking about a Document. Not a spread sheet... not even something that's just a big table... Personally I find using Excel as a word processor to be about as useful as strapping a toaster to the handlebars of a ten-speed but then again, I don't profess to understand the complex inner workings of this big successful company. :) One thing for sure... the bazillion documents I'm working on (creating Reusable Engagement Packages) are going to be made using a word processor and not a spreadsheet program... so there!
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