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Happy Martin Luthar King day
Hiya my little bunny-yips... I bet most of you are still asleep!! bad... get up... face the day... It's not about YOU having a dream but about setting the course for a nation to find the place he dreamed about... right?

Will Dean be the next president? I really want to know...

Smile guys... it's monday and there's nothing but improvement on the horizon.

And so I wake in the morning
And I step outside
And I take a deep breath and I get real high
And I scream at the top of my lungs
What's going on?

~ blue ftls
~ black kinda jeans...
~ dark long sleeve shirt (see icon)
~ darkis beige sweater.
~ a shit eat'en monday morning grin.
~ to pour over a few ITIL books ... and start on some new documentation.
~ watching FireFly (on tv) tonight... :) :D (my new most fav thing to do on a monday night...)
~ slather moisture lotion all over these dried husks that used to be hands...
~ for a door into summer to open up before me and welcome me through...
~ that time finds it's way into the life of a good hearted and hard working mommy... sweet kimmellee
~ debby, amyaustin and maggie are all house hunting girls... who else? I know I'm missing a few here but it's monday and I'm not on my game yet... I do hope the house hunting goes well for you guys... it's easily the biggest deal you face in a decade. Remember... patience... Realtors have one goal "Get you to buy a house"... and that's ok... so long as it's the house you want.
~ There's a new Katie strip up .. [ :: go here :: ~ did you know that fallingforward does the Katie strip? Cool beans huh...
~ psssst... notcharming now if you dressed up like sonic... well...
~ oh, and a note to chrissmari: Dear Caroline... try to stay calm... ok.
~ hey indianasweetie... a weee bit of patience eh sugar... almost there....

Hey... go pop over to kayleighb's journal and toss a little wish at this woman... she's needing some vibes on a job search thing and todays a great day to share the magic. Good Luck today Kayliegh.... (go on, click it and say "good luck"!!!)

Birthday CatchUp Time

~ Back on January 15, my little nutmeg had a birthday... :D Have a wonderful year lil'sugar... I know you both have a lot on your plates this year and I do very much hope it all comes together with grace and love for you guys.

~ And this past weekend... on January 17th my two friends arlyn (dear Amy) and txgirlie had brithdays... Amy, I hope you and little Conner have a wonderful year ahead and that you get some good love'en in your world all year long!!! Lord knows you've earned it this past year. And Cristi!!!! Happy Birthday honey-texas... may there be all the shitt you can handle... (snicker).

~ Yesterday was Megan's birthday... that would be January 18th and the girl is dang_it but she's not here... well, not much. That doesn't change anything though... I do hope you have a good year ahead Megan and that you are well rewarded for the friendships you hold onto. :)

~ Yo Yo Dany Jo!!! Happy Birthday today to damny I hope things hold together this year sugar-jo and that you are blessed with wonderful memories.
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