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birthday time...

Ok, somethings just suck... like the fact that my hand held computer serial port is busted... When I get back from the Florida conference I'm gonna have to send it in for a non-warranty repair. $$

On a lighter happier note, one of my very early LJ friends is celebrating her birthday today. This girl rawks.... she's an educator and (from the stories she tells) a sexual carnivor!! What'd she say when I told her I was getting a vasectemy? "Blanks taste better." But what to expect from 20 year old hotties living the life of luxury in in South Africa.... :D

Ok, so I'm purposely overdoing it here a bunch. For real now, I wanted to say that teaser, my good friend in SA has been a remarkable friend over time in LJ land. She's prol'y not 20 anymore... maybe 21... :) She's had such wonderful witt about things. And today is indeed her birthday.
So for her birthday:
I wanted to offer her something usefull.
Something wonderful would be better.
Something emotionally pleasing, insightful, warming and just dam cool would be best.
So for her birthday I'm gonna give her Kathleen. hehehe :) and it's far less kinky than it sounds...
I'm looking at teasers and krussels friend lists and notice for the first time that they don't know each other... they both became friends of mine around the same time and my mind just kinda assumed that they knew each other. I hope that they check each other out and find a new friendship there. Kath is a friends only girl - for dam good reasons, but with proper introductions something could be worked out... don't cha think?

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birdday dear teaser, happy birdday to you.

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