Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Alias is new tonight...

you know... in case you care. :D

Sundays are going to be bizarre (sp? hahaha) and very hectic this year... but days based on physical activity are good no matter how you slice 'em.

Now, if I knew the trick to getting an ISA modem to actually WORK in a windos xp computer I'd be off to the races.

Speaking of "off", we're off to my brothers house for dinner in a few mins.

There are a million words inside my head... thank goodness for Lj in any functional capacity ... so I can bleed off a few before my head explodes.

ps. eight years old is proving to be absolutely wonderful... Lil'Geo is all about wanting to "do" things... He'll offer to help shovel the laneway and actually help (versus make it harder)... he's totally into making Z and I coffee in the morning... and I can have talks with him that seem to go beyond the nodding head of a little guy that just agrees with everything... Now if I can only get Ed to stop putting scotch tape on everything... we'll be good to go. :D

pps. I haven't managed to get to Future Shop to buy another Temporary Camera yet... AND IT'S DRIVING ME BONKERS to not have a little digital camera... :(

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