Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


The only good thing about hitting really low points...
is that there's only one way for things to go after that.

Rediculous geek problem with a new fangled mouse (yes...) is still there...
but I care somewhat less. Various reasons... Like, Nacho chips and salsa at 2:09 am... excellent reason for dee-stressing. :D

... and it's clearly time to find my bed.

It's a king size thing from Ikea. With a monsterous douve. It's a really warm bed...

I'll go there in a minute... Z will show up a few moments later...
Geo will wake up and sneak in on my side about an hour after I go to bed.
And Ed will show up and sneak into her side about an hour after Geo...

Then Edward will proceed to push off the covers and turn his little body sideways...
... and I will wake up, squished up with Geo and Z on about a third of the bed
... while edward languishes on the rest of it.

Fortunately they will grow out of this.
And no matter how much it drives me bonkers now... I'll notice when it stops...

Ok... time for bed. See you sunday.
Saturdays are 'computer free' days in our house...
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