Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Sides of Face.

Z's has a brochure from a local spa... all the good stuff, ten dif kinds of facials... packages that include singularly awfull sounding procedures (i.e. 'salt glow' - sounds painful!) lot's of massage variants, etc. And of course, a section under the heading 'epilation' - the removal of unsightly hair... and I can totally respect any process that includes putting hot wax on and around a womans crotch that leads to rrrrrrrriping the wax off when it cools.... OMG! However, there was this one entry under epilation that really caught my eye:

Lip, Chin, Neck and sides of face.......................................................... $85.00

I can just see it - (slightly naisal voice) "Ok, Peggy, plug your nose honey!" and dunking her head in bucket of neat... "Keep your eyes closed deary..."

"SIDES OF FACE" You see we have a lot of warewolves in our neighborhood.


Knuckles? peace baby and remember that you're doing the things you do for you and your angle. Nothing else matters or counts until that's in the bag.

Note: this was a high volume 'ebb and flow' weekend in lj land. I hope you are all well rested and prepared to face a new week. Hopefull the sport of torment will soon fall from grace.

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