Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


~ I was collecting up the garbage pails (had to ask z if it was pale or pail) and heard Geo sniffle from his bed. Every little emotional cell fired on all engines and I went to him asking what was wrong... and all he had done was... um, snuffle... a runny nose moment, not a tear moment. Next week, when I'm collecting up the garbage pails... I wont remember typing this... but I'll remember that sniffle and how I felt for a moment. It's not a huge deal... it's one of the million small things... but it's real. Every time your heart opens... it pushes stuff away from the doors that tend to be blocking. You are made to feel better... to feel more... It's like I had a moment of heart aerobics. (I know... a lot to say about almost nothing... :D)

~ I sorted out the recycle stuff... boots, hat, winter coat... in my garage... no gloves. About 5 minutes. My hands felt like they were gonna snap off my wrists. Holy freaking cold.

~ a friends journal kinda randomly left me more knowledgeable tonight... I like that. Thanks kaar.

~ another friends journal sucked me into a reflective and rather moving little moment of intimacy... it was kinda precious... Thanks southseapearl.

~ I've created a monster by letting the kids play WarCraft. It was fun... even the way they glommed onto the "world editor"... Imagine a 5 year old building worlds for warcraft and playing the games that fall from them... managing the entire process... and it's all memory... He can't read yet... at least, not that well... He can remember that certain letter combinations are certain words but not PAGES AND PAGES OF TEXT... and etc. And they both play it way too much. I have to slay the monster without creating world war III ... I'll get there. :D

~ I have the first epi of "Firefly" on tape... then two subsequent episodes... I've never seen any of it but my brother has been dogg'en me to watch. I want to... it's just a time thing. Maybe tomorrow night... :)

k... now I'm gonna think about bed... Not actually going there... but I'm gonna think about it for a minute.
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