Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Happy Birthday Time!

A bit late, (*yesterday) but not forgotten... Happy Birthday t_funk... You are one of those friends with whom I have no other connections in lj... and it always seems kinda precious when a friend like that and I stick it out for so long. :D I do hope you have great year ahead and that the things you find to bring you happiness and the things that were looking for you.

Happy Birthday phej... there are just about ten years between us... and I know you feel as young as I do. Happy Birthday Jeph... I hope you find yourself in the right places at all the right times... as you step off the buss that brought you to this part of you life and look around to find what will happen next.

And shebear!!! Happy Birthday sugar... We've been together a long time now... and I hope our friendship carries on for a good long time. I hope Em and Jay bring you smiles that suprise you lips... and that this next year is made of memories that last forever!!!

Happy Birthday guys... Thanks for sharing ... ;)

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