Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

hiya lj... what a day!!! like - in the range of- 10 billion posts on the friends pages.... and wild and crazy things keep happening to some of the nicest people. I'm glad to find lost friends!

I've got hard day of 'sledding' with the boiz under my belt and now we have my pal Kevin and his 1 year old son over for pizza. Yum!

And at 10:00 tonight, it's S2 time. I brought this up with the family at the big togetherness meal last night... You'd think they were trying to levitate the table with their rolling eyes... oh well. Seems I cannot escape judgemental people.

Funny how people - in all walks of life - get it in their heads that other people give a care about their trash opinion of something you care about. Does that make sense? I had to read it twice but decided not re-write it... ug. lazy live journaling... hehehe.

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