Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


~ a plane flew over a few minutes ago... it was so loud I thought I should start making a baggage carrousel. It may have something to do with the air being so cold and the soundwaves... but that would mean I knew about stuff like that ... and I don't. It does sound like the sort of thing I'd pretend to know about if someone asked me... and I'd go on and on about a bunch of stuff until I either snowed 'em or talked myself into a corner and cave. :D However you look at it... the airplane was damn loud. kinda skereeee.

~ k... I just had a sip of coffee and it went down the wrong tube... so I'm typing with my face going blue a;dfj;akfja;k kla ;adsfj; jfs fdjhhhhhf geeezus.
ok... better.

~ my garage door... push-button-open-push-button-close... not rocket science. Little motor and a long chain. If it hits something on the way down, it stops and opens again. Sounds great till you come home from a camping trip and see that a tennis ball lodged itself in the track edge when you were loading the car. We wait for it to close all the way now... Anyways, it's not liking the cold what so ever. I had to pull the little "do not pull this" rope to pop the door off the chain. Everytime you try to lower it... the door stops when it hits the cold air (and there is NOTHING ELSE blocking the door) it stops and opens again. Yup... I'm blaming the cold and we'll try it again tomorrow. grrrr.

~ I'm a bit talkative for 12:30... I should go to and play for a bit.!

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