Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


Of the many challenges of parenthood, in my experience, is trying to find the strength to not let impatience or unkind sarcasm surface.
There is magic in the universe and it can be found expressed in this issue.

Your young child makes a big deal about wanting something, under various conditions (mid day snack, bed time snack, up-an-hour-after-they-go-to-bed asking for a snack). Not a big freaking deal... to the inexperienced maybe. The ramifications include bad meal times, not sleeping, overtired, edgy, ratty child versus happy, healthy, rested child. That paints its clearly but you're a genius if you can see all that when you're in the middle of it. You are doing your counting tricks, time out tricks, whatever-you-read-last tricks to deal with a childs freak out... then the magic moment shows up.
After everything... when you are basically done,
you are certain that just one more issue!!! and you will melt into red hot lava.
Go look in the mirror. It's this time...
...this one time, although your done and ready to go bonkers...
It's this time that you have to pull on the mask and deal calmly.
It never fails.
The behaviour changes... and parent and child move on to the next issue.
It's failing there... and freaking out... that sets all the clocks back and you have to start over.
How does your child know? I mean, I know they didn't know...
but how is it that everytime you get to the wall... you are just one step away from success.
It's magic. A nasty kind of magic to be sure.

I suppose this is maybe how a lot of things in life are...
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