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... 1756

Outstanding SONG on the playlist here... download it and be surprised that it's the same band that gives us Teenage Dirtbag, and Punk Assed Bitch.

Vell, vell, vell. It seems that Volfy himself... the volf-man, the original piano man, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born on January 27, 1756. And of course, so was Edward.

His birthday started with Geo singing the HB song at him through the bars of his crib...

The men of the house all got up to watch cartoons and drink coffee... well, I drank all the coffee and they ate honey nut cheerios. We baked this totally outstanding knock your sox off chocolate cake. cake layer, chocolate fudge cream, cake layer, cherrie pie filling sorta stuff..., cake layer, butterscotch'ish - caramelish cream layer, cake layer, chocolate icing on the sides and butter cream icing on the top... oh man, it's an swing-dance party in your mouth!!!

Zebra went out to regi' Ed for September pre-school stuff... a special program that was created a few years ago (private sector 'for profit' venture) when the government cut out junior kindergarten for a while... it's back (JK) and the special pre-school place is still there and thriving. They have low ratios (1 caregiver / teacher per 6 kids). Three half days per week starting in Sept. He'll totally love it.

We had my family over, bro, 2 kids, my units and my sis. Z planned a fantastic meal - pork roast and little teeny cute potatoes (cute potatoes... I'm tired, sorry), etc. It was a great meal and everyone loved the cake... Ed got nice prezzies from the loving relatives. It is never far from my thoughts that I am remarkably lucky to have a family that plays well together... I mean we're all nuts in our own ways, but we get along, live close and this is good. Good example for our kids to see!

Reading over all the stuff going on in the land of my living novel... the lj friend zone, is all over the map lately!! very diverse goings on!

uh oh....

Ok, dig it;
theres this foot-hill class mountain, exceptionally green with a not-too-tall grass.
Excellent view of smaller hills and a village in the distance.
Morning sunlight, still low in the sky.
Dawn mists are burning off the hills in the distance.
You are seated on this hill, facing out, looking over the vista.
On either side of you stretchs a quiet line of people.
Looking down you realize that everyone, including you, is holding hands.
Everyone is just looking out side of themselves while tapping an undeniable source of inner strength.
An energy peacefully flows through these people... these avatars of our real world selves.
It is this energy that powers the shared privacy of a complex lj friendship network.
We are together on that hillside quietly holding hands against all odds.
So the pricks that keep trash talken ma sisstahs! and bro's can just totally bite me.
You have no power here!!


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