Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

gah... you simply cannot imagine...

suzanne and I sit at our desks in the evening... in our "home office" - which is basically where we play, in side by side positions at computer furnature type desks. Suz is a bit at an angle to me so my right shoulder is at an angle to the middle of her back. and we can both see out the big window facing the front of the house... [ :: this is a link to the house-tour photo gallery on my web site :: ] (but note that the office furnature has changed since I made that album.) Our office window looks out over that upstairs balcony.

as the evening progresses Edward, invariably, shows up to ask for something...but he doesn't come bounding in... he sneaks in... and with both our backs to the door... he ends up eithe scaring the begeezus out of one of us... He approaches as silent as air and delicately puts one finger on my shoulder... just enough pressure that my brain registers "oh, I've got an itch" or something... then he speaks. "Daaaad?"

I freaking leap out of my skin... there I am... all Itchy and Scratchy like muscles on bone looking at my empty shell of skin and try to compose myself.

I wish he wouldn't do that.
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