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I'm listening to this song on the way to work..
and I never knew these guys... those "outkast" guys...
were such purveyors of better punctuation.
Imagine them taking the time to do that...
A little heavy handed, mind you, but still ... good citizenry.

don't want to meet your mama.
just want to make you coma.

~ blue ftls
~ dk blue dockers - that are starting to look worn out!!!! gah! must replace these immediately... the "perma crease" is faded to light blue... it's like I have a stripe!
~ a white t-shirt and a big comfry p-z turtleneck
~ start another on-line training course...
~ project team meeting...
~ tell the boss about February 16th...
~ to just sorta sneak over to my pal mysticchyna and tell her she's lovely...
~ that the Super Traffic Chiqua (amyaustin) remembers for the downs there are ups... and people who live in the middle never know the glory of the extreme up. hugz-all-over-the-place!
~ I could sit with sixtyten... just for a little while... maybe talk... maybe just sit.
~ for my sweet topazgrrl ... that Ethan is absolutely ok and there is no surpise ouchi hiding in there anywhere... and I wanted to throw a few pennies of "go you" with Shana. Breath...
~ oh so many jokes about buttons... but besides those... I hope my friend maiden_heaven enjoys her new toys... er.. computer parts...
~ and a big hopeful wish out to thisismostlyme. I hope things went well yesterday and that you are home to your family and that recovery comes quickly Lori...

//mini rant
Radio news talk show on the way to work... interviewing people at US airports... give me a freaking break.
A not-hit-found response to your finger print at a US air port should make you feel good. It's a little like recognizing that a texan with a State Hand Gun License in his or her wallet has demonstrated that they are not a dead beat parent, have no criminal record, pays taxes on time, and generally speaking, is not a screw up.
Like I give a rats rectum if Brazil starts fingerprinting people arriving at their airports in retaliation. It's not like Brazil has the infrastructure to do anything besides lose the damn information anyways. The only people that don't want to have their fingerprints taken are paranoid or crooks, so screw you. Germany has fast tracked Commuters through border check points in airports for over a decade with electronic thumb prints and even employs some face recognition geek tech. Seriously people, get a grip. If asking you for id and taking your picture is no problem then capp'ing a finger print should not get your panties in a bunch. How many of the people pissing about the fingerprints were complaining that the government wasn't doing enough to protect them after 9/11? And no, it is not lost on me that this initiative wouldn't do a thing about nut bars like McVie... but I ask you "so what?".
A quote I'd love to hear, (but probably never will) from Tom Ridge (US Homeland Security Secretary):
"To all of you that are complaining because you have been inconvienienced with short delays at our airports by our increased security measures, please enjoy a steaming hot cup of shut-the-fuck-up."
//ok all done.

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