Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Tonight we went to dinner at the restaurant that was named on the reward George received at the Hockey Game when he danced his heart out for the "dance for your dinner" thing...

We had a time explaining to the boys that mommy and daddy's dinner would be rather expensive compared to the cost of the kids meals, hence we would be using the "dinner for two" coupon for our meals and simply pay cash for theirs. :D

We had pop all around - save for Z who enjoyed a glass of wine, and an appetizer.
Salads - Geo loves salad, and the cesar salad was big enough to be a meal for two people.
Cheesy garlic bread - a pox on whoever thought pre-slicing the mini loaf on an acute angle would be classy.
Chicken strips and fries for the boys
Salmon for Z
and a thick and rare steak for yours truly. (as in, I rarely eat steak and when I do... it's rare)
Then chocolate desserts that would make your eyes sweat.

Then the bill...
For $6.00.
The gave us everything except the wine ... off the coupon. :D
So we tipped like mad and came home to feel like stuffed peppers.

A wonderful end to a couple of weeks of blissful vacation.

Now the boys are in bed and it's time to work on a little A Day In My Life project for a new friend.

I do hope you have had nice vacation... See you when the sun comes up! :D
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