Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


Happy Birthday!
:D just a few short bits to remember that a few of my friends got older recently...

Just a wee bit late!! from yesterday December 31
aunticrist! Happy Birthday... I hope you're enjoying the family zone in NY and that this next year brings ever more wisdom to your door.
And bulvai, it's nice to see you around... :D I hope the birthday went great and that you enjoy the year ahead.
Happy birthday also to Doug! (dpaul007)... hows that coffee maker? does it drip when you pour a coffee? :D I do hope you have a grand year and make loads of memories woth keeping...
And to Jen... (reminisce71) Please accept my deepest wishes for your birthday to kick off a year of renewal, strength and success in the private world of you. Happy Birthday sugar...

southseapearl Well pearly-girl... have a great day and I hope the year gives you several great reasons to dance with the swing of a happy little pearl!

And brak55 I'm getting one in early! Happy Birthday (tomorrow!!!) my friend and I join you whole heartedly in the banning of the word "bling" (for anything except a cute dog!). Have a great day and may the year ahead be worth remembering for all the right reasons.
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