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Good morning... and yeah, I know it's afternoon. :D

So we went to the movies... Suzanne and I. We ran into my friends AFTER the movie because we really cut it close with the crowd and had to focus on getting seats! :D It was wonderful... the whole epic... all three movies... are just a masterpiece. There was some overall goofyness... like I expected Frodo and Sam to start necking a few times... but in the end, it's a grand adventure and I'm so happy they made them.

Listen... about the mad cows. I don't know enough about BSE (is that what it's called?) to be a good judge of things but it seems to me that it's remarkably strange for ONE COW ... the US cow or the Canadian one from earlier this year... to spontaniously come down with this problem. It's not like each cow gets her own food. They all eat the same crap... Is it just being alarmist to think that, if they don't find additional cases, someone infected the cow on purpose just to fuck up the aggricultural economy? I'd love commentary on this...

~ black ftls
~ blue jeans...
~ strong bad!!
~ v-neck txt sweater... that's getting a wee bit ratty around the edges.
~ finishing a computer fix for my SIL... it was in pieces in the basement yesterday... today? It's OS time...
~ play...
~ try not to notice the neverending rain that coming down... it's a rather bizzar thing... but I'm loving that it's not snow!
~ dinner at another SIL's house... big'ish family affair thing...
~ maybe... just maybe... get to watch High Fidelity later. I know I've seen it before but Jack Black kicks in that movie...
~ I understood what the big deal was about being on my wish list... I promise it's not a pretentious thing... it's just a way of expressing a few sentiments that catch my eye when I have a chance to cruise around a few pages of friends posts.
~ to agree with the "Bree"... plymouth is a strange word... say it four times fast...
~ to point out to haela that Caillou is an obnoxious little snot... :D
~ do you know christowang? his "show" web site rocks... and I have no idea how he and I met but yo! Chris... thanks for the friendship. I appreciate it. :D

Happy Birthday(s)
I know I'm late lil'spice... (December 27) but Happy Birthday none the less out to summerspirit. You've been a great friend for so very long and I do hope fortune smiles on me to let it continue for a long long time! Have a wonderful year sugar.

And yesterday!! Happy just-a-wee-bit-late Birthday to Sarah (sillz) and Sunny (sunnlight).
Sarah... it's a treat to have you and your main squeeze both in my journal land... and I hope you have a great year ahead with loads of memories in the making! And Sunny... the woman I almost ... almost! got to meet... Next time for sure! Have a great year and I hope all is well with your little family. :D

Today!! To the very recently married and the "forever lovely" Erin!! Happy Birthday rini ... another friend that I cannot for the life of me figure out how we met but it has been to my great good fortune that we did. Your wedding was wonderful to share and your man is one lucky duck! You will have a fantastic year... I just know it. :D

And shann... it seems we hardly have chances to connect of late, but you remain never far from my thoughts... I hope you are having a great holiday season and that a wonderful year ahead is in store.

Happy Birthday to you all. :D
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