Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


the hills are alive
with the sound of music...

So "The Sound of Music" (aka How Julie The Nun Got Laid At Christmas and aaka "Why We Hate Little Nazi Peckers") is on...
and of course, I keep imagining Ewan McGregor talking to a midget and a narcoleptic Argentinian...

um... ok, never mind.
Hows your day?
My headache has persisted through advil and good eating...
I even had a nap...
Personally, I'm pretty sure it's a SRH but that just get's complicated.


I wanted desperately to go to ROTK tonight but that didn't work out... now I'm guessing it's Daddy zone stuff - getting the kids to bed and vegging with various sources of entertainment. We bought "Super Smash Brothers" for the Cube because George was about ready to shit himself over it... (he likes it) and wanted to try out Monkey Ball 2 but that game is NWTBF until the after-christmas restocking has taken place... :D

k... later amigas ... and amigos...
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