Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

gah!@ would someone please stem the neverending tide of paris hilton subject line spam ... paw-leeeese! enough already.

wohoo... it's a Saturday... and here I am... Suz decided that computer-free saturday takes a break on the Christmas holidays. Now that could have been intended as a kid thing... but I'm not say'en a word! :D

I woke up this morning to Geo beside the bed... He had been IN the bed... there he was... standing there holding his hand in the air like it was a foreign object. (the following is TMI and you may want to just skip on past!!!) He officially has the tummy flu and he discovered on his own that farting is a lousy idea when you have the tummy flu... and of course, he has to check. Hence the fingers... "DAD!!!" So I'm up washing underpants and him and then me... and grrrr... I did not want to wake up! Any ways... HE NEEDS TO GET BETTER... we have Hockey Tickets to the game tomorrow afternoon!!!!

~ old black hoodie
~ pj pants
~ comfy sox...
~ falling into my bed and pretending to sleep ...
~ shopping for a gamecube game...
~ trying to talk someone into going to ROTK
~ bathroom cleaning...
~ some good wishes to a good friend, mysticchyna... going with the flow.
~ to point out that I can never get enough of the wolfiegirl... pooper included.
~ that my friend, dpaul007 feels better... and keeps a wet-wipe beside the monitor.

You know... this is wicked corney... but when I troll around in my friends pages... I am wandering through a crowd of amazing people. The women are so beautiful, and sublime... The men are cool, interesting and never fail to impress me. There is so much that is good and precious about you guys.... I wish I could buy you all a coke. (hoping you get the reference)

Have a wonderful Saturday.

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