Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

well almost....

We packed up and went to my SIL's and after about an hour Ed was just so not himself.
He went to lay down but he needed to be in his own bed.
So I'm home with Ed and Suz is at her moms with her family and Geo...

We gave the kids Pirates of the Caribooo* for a Christmas Eve prezzi
and they started watching but Edward petered right out.
His temp is still over 100 and I'm all about just taking care of his little self.

He will be well... but it's not going to happen fast enough.
Poor little goob. He's so very delicate when he's like this.

Happy Christmas Eve...

i think I'll go make some coffee. :D

* I hate the word Caribbean... is that it? It's like "groom" or "tartlettes"... words that have lost all meaning in my head. I look at c-a-r-i-b-b-e-a-n and think what? two b's? and what the hell word is that anyways... Karibyan works so much better.

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