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"It reminds me that it's not so bad,... not so bad..." (a line from the song that's playing...)

you guys rock - it's phenomenal

Just crawl through the thread that grew under my last post... the one about "do you think it's right to ..." This strikes at the heart of why I am here in the first place... let alone why I have you on my friends list. Considered thoughts from thoughtful people.

If I make a big deal out of saying how much I love you guys it's gonna get all mushy or worse "same ol same ol" and I don't want to waste it that way... but I know that I am lucky to have you as my friends. You are quality people. I hope you never find yourselves forgetting that.

I'm cracking up the entire office with sisstah! It's gonna have to stop soon but I'm enjoying it while it lasts... It's the point at which you recognize that the word ends with a big ol' H that you get the real sense of how goofy it is... hehehehe.

Time for some love vibes... got any? send 'em to my buddy Tala. She's the best sweetheart in the world and I'm certain things will feel great soon ... real soon.

Time for hope vibes... Janedeau will have a baby, and it will be healthy, adorable, and happy. Jane, of course, will be a fantastic mommy but she'll also have a medically uneventful delivery! and heal up right quick afterwards. These are my hopes for the day (besides the devious hope that zoe finds mommy's hair right quick and teaches mom to remember to use that scrunchy!!!!)

Ok, and Kathleen? you are a nut bar. I can just see you snickering over your keyboard. :P *

Kellie, you are not an odd ball!! You a super hero! (check it out, go over to the mirror and do one of those twists you do to check out your own ass... except look at the back of your neck. That's right, right there. That's were the super hero cape clips on.)

~~~The ebb and the flow~~~~
~~they come and they go~~~~
~~~we read and we learn~~~~
~~~and the page will turn~~~~

I know I know... but when you read that line about how so-and-so's journal has been deleted...

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