Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

catching up a bit...

Happy Birthday!!!

I wanted to catch you up on these...

Dec 19: landmark My Thai Fight'en super god! ... No really Happy Birthday Rob. I remember well the day I introduced you to my journal at work and posted a picture... after all the girls cleaned themselves off... you started a journal... and look at you go! :) Have a great year bro.

and maxlee my little russian buddy... long since gone but not forgotten.

Dec 20: kaifawn... Happy Birthday dog girl... (and doesn't mean she's a dog... it means she's a big dog lover... :D :D :D)

Dec 21: indianasweetie ... Happy Birthday Fly Girl... and while that career may be in the air (wow... nice pun eh) I know that you will find your way to happiness... it's just a rule! I hope very much that the world will twist itself around and let have another visit before to many more months sneak by. You are one of the most appreciated lights in my journal world.

and thinktink Bwaahahahaha... I'm dying here... you made me laugh so hard on friday ... but shhhh... :D Happy Birthday sugar and I hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

and last but not least... mellusions you are one very cool glass bending Kitty. Happy Birthday sugar... I look forward to another year of sneaking in on your world. :D

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