Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Kids, Christmas ... and grade school.

Christmas at the kids school...

So the wee tiny little kiddies from junior kindergarten up to grade 3 put on this show...
The audience is packed with moms and video cameras and more dads than you might have guessed...
for 1:00 pm on a work day. :D

Scary Principal Lady (who is actually very nice) looks just kinda evil in this lighting.

~ we are all welcomed... :)

From there on in, it's all outragious cuteness on steriods.
This little boy is Cooper...

He lives up the street and loves to play with Geo and Ed... "the big boys". :D

This is George...

~ I mean... look at his shirt? They should have had the show before lunch... gah!

Geo's song was a rather animated version of Rudolph...

[ :: This is a 3.3 meg video (wmv) of Geo's class singing Rudolph :: ]
(I recommend right click / download...)
Note the sound of this guy "shhhushing" a crying baby half way through...
Some people deserve to be smacked. Like the Mom holding that baby
doesn't have enough on her plate without that loser shhhushing her baby...
gah! (and it was a woman holding the baby!) This

And Edward... darl'en little Edward, was harbouring an upset tummy all day... but still managed to be so cute you could burst....

[ :: This is a 3.3 meg video (wmv) of Edward and his class :: ]
They did this jazzy Winter Wonderland Snowman song...
(I recommend right click / download...)

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