Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

totally bailed on cooking tonight.
Delicioso (or whatever it's called) rising crust frozen pizza will do! well.. did. :D

Got a head start on tomorrows chores... because tomorrow will be buuuuusy.
Over to a neighbors for a christmas "get together" in the day ... with kids... and then a get together with two other couples (the usual suspects, Jay & Celine, and John and Odile)...without kids!

But now? Now it's time to get my little monsters to go to bed...
Translation: I get to read more Narnia! We're on Prince Caspian now... love this series...

Then? Hopefully time to play [ :: there :: ]"... :D
(pssst. my avi's name is "ottr")

K... see ya...

Oh wait... what's the deal with the No Invite Codes... something about trading in unsued invite codes for "paid months"???
I could use me some of that...
Anybody know what the deal is?
(all I've read is the post on the home page...)

ps. go tell Santa what you want for christmas... :D

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