Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


Survivor! bwaahahahaha... !!!!

oh... ok, and I gotta say... the satelite addition to our "viewing pleasures"
was a totally cost neutral choice... everything included... In fact, it's going
to be marginally less per month that the crappy cable signal we were getting!!!

And word! The digital picture for Survivor was a clearer version of this show than
I have ever seen before... it was fucking glorious. I have basked in digital
goodness. We're talk'en crave'en idols here bro! :)

Meanwhile, Mother Nature... obviously back on the crack hard core...
has spent the last day and night raining her ass off, and keeping the temps up.
Now? oh yeah... big wind blowing massive freezing temps into town.
Snap a few years off me, get me one of those little logo encrusted mini toques
and this would so be exactly when I'd say that bitch is wack yo!.
(oh, and I'd do goofy things with the fingers on one hand... all in your face and stuff,
which is, btw, really only a slight of hand thing where the young guns use their other hand
to scratch their nuts... you watch... you'll see. :D)

Alrighty... it's late. Almost bed time...
sleep well... and smile.

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