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hair ball

Hey, so my wrist is still wicked sore. Last night I said "almost too sore to type" and now that I think about it, that's not right. It actually doesn't hurt to type. It hurts to do everything except type. Argghhhh.

Um, I'm on my buss doing the morning commute and wanted to take a moment to talk lj so…

First, I'm sooo glad my pal Mauracelt is back. It's an odd realization to note in your head that someone-or-other has not posted for a while… when I notice it's like realizing there's an empty chair beside you.

Ok, so I'm about as normal or not-normal as your average guy, and it's a safe bet that you can guess about all the classic shyte that's gonna turn my crank, but I wanted to lay another one on ya… there is very little else in the world that is as peaceful and calming for me that to sit on a comfy couch, smell fresh brewed coffee, feel the warmth of a fireplace (the guy that invented the natural gas fireplace is a god!) and spend 4ever (sorry lakme) slowly brushing out the hair of a girl sitting on the floor right in front of the couch… you know how you can get all the hair "up" in a massive slow brush stroke… and she leans back against your legs… then you fan the hari across your lap… You can pick a small section to brush, braid, whatever… My last name is Braden, and from very early on, my sister convinced me that "you have to become an expert at braiding hair… it's your family duty…" (she had long hair and like getting me to braid it). French braids, those goofy Jamaica braids that are usually just faker weaves into short hair… doing those for real is way cool. Leaves you a bit frizzy though…

Any ways, that's nirvana for corto. I managed to actually see good piccies of Miss A Licious's hair yesterday and now I'm all wishful.

C ya later lj.

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