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my turn...

-How often do you cry? hmmm, prol'y once a week, but usually just tears streaming, not bo ho ho stuff.

-What makes you cry the easiest? happiness, like today when I realized an LJ friend was getting dern close to having her baby...

-What makes you really really happy? love in all its many disguises

-Has anyone close to you ever died? yes, one of my very best friends in the Universe Peter Shellhorn - rest in peace pete, died of an overdose the night he found out he had graduated med school. go figure.

-Has anyone close to you ever committed suicide? sadly, yes. One with a pistle head shot, another with a shotgun, another hanging from a street light... all before I started college.

-How many funerals have you been to? two, they suck.

-Have you ever cried over the death of a celebrity? nope, I can't imagine doing that...

-What would be the scariest way to die (in your opinion)? alone and in pain.

-What do you do in your spare time? forgetting for a second that I never have spare time... play on my computer and let music take me higher.

-What are some of your fave restaurants? hmmm, can't remember the name, but its on a dock in Orange county? near Daytona FLA. and the other was place with a giant sculpture of a fish out front in Atlanta Georgia. All time favourite? The "Fillet of Sole" in downtown Toronto (near the Alexandria Theater??? ) off Kings street. Awsome.

-On average, how many times a week/month do you go out to eat? Go out? with kids once a month, just Z and I, twice a month. MACDONADS does not count.

What time do you wake up in the morning? 6:30am.

-What is your natural sleeping pattern? Besides "whenever I can"? ummm, bed at 1:00 am, up at 6:30 am. Except Saturday, then it's bed at 3:00 and up at 10:00.

-What made you decide to have sex for the first time? she said "ok".

-Were you in love? hmmmmm I thought I was at the time... grade 11, what did I know?

-What's your preferred method of birth control? Then: her - on the pill, Now - me with a big V.

-Have you ever had a one-night stand? yup, I think 3 ... would not trade them for anything... well actually, that's a little bit much, I mean there are some things....

-How many rooms does your house have? bedrooms? 9 and 4..

-What would be your ideal living arrangement? A morgage free home on a big piece of land somewhere in, oh, maybe Moutainview or Palo Alta California... now, I'm not that well travelled so what do I know, but I'd really like my extended family to be there too...

-How many times have you moved in your life? 9

-What city/state would like to live in? covered this earlier...

-Have you ever lived on your own? yes

-Who do you live with now? Zebra, George, Edward and Buster (the cat)

-What do you do on weekends? Clean, play with kiddies, and cook!!!

-Do you enjoy alone time? yea, I wish.

-Who do you spend most of your time with? You know I took a seminar once on just how complicated this question really is. out of 24 o a weekday, about 6 with my pillow, 3 with my kids, 3 with Zebra, 2 with a buss driver, and 8 with my boss and the other two get sucked up into the space / time continuem.

-If you were stranded at home for a weekend, without a computer or a tv, what
would you do to entertain yourself? read, play with kids, attempt to seduce my wife...

-What is one thing you would love to learn (it doesn't have to be school
related)? Eastern and Western European history - love to study it for 5 years then decide on a new topic.

-What are you really good at (writing, art, music, acting,
etc.)? Dealing with people... relating to children... imagining successfully seducing my wife... :)

-If there was a book about your life, what would it be called? how to stay high for 18 years and still be a success. Heheheh.

-What word describes your sense of style? ummmm, wishfull thinking? how's that?

-What's your fave article of clothing? My swish swish noisy pants.

-Describe a typical outfit you'd wear to school(work). swish swish cargo pants and a point zero shirt or sweater. .

-What season are you? Easy i'm a winter.

-What's a good brand of make-up? another easy one... MAC

-How long does it take you to get ready to go out on the weekend? 10 minutes tops.

-Sum up your life right now in 5-10 words. "The trick is to keep breathing..."

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