Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

morning... and look! It's a Saturday!

This is coffee.... strong stuff! Very important!

ok, computer free day is kinda on hold this week so I thought I'd do a really quick morning thing...

Noting, however that the last time I snapped a saturday morning picture was August 23rd. (go me... )

~ all kinds of things that seem to have stuck to me in the night, but a shower will wash away most of them...
~ a housecoat!
~ and a smile, 'cause kimberly is sitting on my sofa talking to Z... :D
~ out to brunch somewhere...
~ make a snazzy dinner... (I'm thinking ribs)
~ and, maybe go christmas tree hunting... we're (*gasp*) thinking of leaving the artificial tree in it's box this year...
~ I had time to read journals and play with my houseguests... but alas, earwax. Time to play with the guests... :! :D
~ a little easy beans wish for chrissmari to be doing well... she's been little miss adventure for the last little while. :D
~ giant wishes for rememberingyou... who, at the end of November, had two adorable little twins... somewhat preemi and tonnes of adorable...
~ and those wishes are for the little angels continued good health darl'en.
do you see how little this baby is!!??

... and here are the two of them... (k... just so you know, this makes me totally melt!)

See ya later on... and have a wonderful day. :)

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