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G'morning!!! You smiling? k... look... smile already. It's friday and you know Santa's do'en his nails somewhere... :)

The [ :: web site :: ] regular friday morning picture can be [ :: found here :: ] !!

note: this song... it's the one from Trainspotting... you gotta love the line "that's like hypnotizing chickens"

~ blue ftls
~ blue jeans... comfy and snug! [ :: and yeah, the insanity continues... :: ]
(gah! Why can't I just live in jeans and pj bottoms?)
~ Strong bad and a bluenotes 'red stripe' sweater
~ er... well, I have a presentation this aft... on all that stuff we've been working on this week.
~ write about Survivor over the lunch hour... :D
~ a few other things... :) :D
~ and try to zooooooooom home a bit early to see what I can help with in getting ready to receive our Christmas Guests... we got houseguests this weekend... there will be pictures! :D
~ tonight? er... well hoping to see a man about a horse but I can't keep my hopes up too far...
~ movie maybe. :) that... or running naked through the snow... although... the snow is damn cold... we'll see.
~ this muffin was warm... just a sec.... k... back (with a warm muffin!!)
~ that Ashley has fun and is safe and sound with allyn and Jodi!!!
~ darl'en missilv would grow up soon... ~ snicker...
~ that the vibes keep on a rolling for my friend giggly_girl
~ that my long time buddy khisanth get's her boots! :D
~ my friend - ever so very far away - reeris has a safe trip to istanbul....
~ and to send lil'sugar indianasweetie all kinds of good karma... .just 'cause...

alrighty ... pardon my francais... but what a great fucking day... it's a bit cold but it's sunny and blue... and yeah, there's "Feet" of snow falling somewhere and no doubt here soon but for now... it's a beautiful day. I just want to grab it and squish it. Now that's usually a sign that some shit is gonna come down at work but too bad. It's gonna take a lot of work to break my spirit today.
Today I am spirit boy! and even though it's been almost two years since I could listen to 3WV Radio (waaaaaaaaaaaa) I'm still the happiest little camper in the playground. :)

See ya all later on and don't be hypnotizing any chickens... you'll just have to pour water on their heads. Tra-la-la! er... never mind...
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