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K... we got up in better time today than we have been lately... time for Geo to share a picture and I'm actually in post-shower condition. wohoo... :D

oh ... go look at [ :: this post :: ] from babyfatz... it's a screener from I'm "ottr"... the red spiky hair being run over by Z and her newest boy-toy... nice huh... hahahaha.

~ red ftls
~ black jeans... well, sorta jeans...
~ red p-z golf shirt
~ two tone, sorta "goes with" tommy sweater... (sorta "goes": I have no idea... I just grab clothes...)
~ add content to the report... geek moment : "rate a matrix of options for shared vs. unshared monolithic solutions to managing decentralized IT Services." hahaha... I love this stuff... :D
(note: Geo once again asked at dinner "dad? what do you do at work?"
I said "I help people make up their minds when they're not sure how to do something..."
him: "... but it always has to do with computers?"
me: "yeah... usually... sometimes it has to with people too..."
him: "Oh... well that makes sense... you know about people and you know about computers..."
- gah! I love him.)
~ it's a Survivor night... was I dreaming or was there a preview of tonight’s show that include Sandra on a spit over a fire pit with no flesh left on her body? prol'y a dream huh...
~ a big ol'happy birthday to the boob man... robont, and to celebrate... I bring you [ :: the corto wire frame bra boobie shot :: ] - bwaahahahahahahaa...
~ and another birthday wish to a wonderful woman down in sunny california... you fill me with wonder Chris... Happy Birthday gigglecam.
~ some very careful and gentle wishes for Eldon... he is tracylee's dad... and he's going through some very serious medical times. The family and he could use a few good karma moments...
~ a get-better wish over to paleltlspider... the flu is one evil mutha this year...
~ a moment of general schmoopy wish'en for breekola... just 'cause.
~ and a BIG SHOUT OUT... to a new friend... a woman in California (noting a pattern here!!) who deserves a big VH5* and a yo! Go say hi to hotblue...

Now then... it's time for some Lj Magic... because we can...
A friend pointed me to a fellow lj'er that had a terrible accident in their home... they've lost it all.
Link yourself [ :: through this post :: ]. People do what they can... sometimes it's just prayers or hope.
Sometimes it's more.

Yesterday, my boy toy, aristophren put up a note and it mentioned ""... He was all about move-on's talk on "looting". I linked through and read all kinds of stuff on that site... Then today my morning drive time radio news station (CBC - had a segment on the 22 year old international fundraising director of He lives in NY... and I gotta say that is one helluva soft-money system. My university focus was on the politics of influence in US Government... I hope that move-on continues... if for no other reason that the notion that it ends up creating a more balanced financial underground for the evil that is embodied in the process of electing presidents in the US.

*vh5 - virtual high five!! :D

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