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ok, how many times can i rewrite my resume???? Boss-types are bidding some monster RFP for a contract with a government department and it includes all these potential candidate (read: me and my team) profiles (read: resumes). So she asks me to do such and such to my res... I do, and then it's such and such else... well we're on day three of adding 'such and such' and it's driving me batty!!!!!

ilovemyjobilovemyjobilovemyjobilovemyjob No really I do.

mini rant: Lj, i wanted to express my displeasure at a particular global event. There's this girl, she's 17, and her daddy wants her to get married... he's got three guys in mind. So he makes her have sex with all three of them. - one at a time of course - Well she got preggers. But it seems that being preggers and not married means you've had sex out of wedlock... and in whatever backward ass head-in-butt country this is (Nigeria), it's against the law (sex out of wedlock). Religious Law (Muslim) requires that her punishment be 100 lashes with a cane!!!! She's 17, and pregnant. They executed her sentence two days ago. She's going to live. No word on the baby. Thanks dad!

ok all done for now.
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