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a quick wrap up

lets see...

Member I said I was gonna talk to the boss... well I did and as I 'spected she was congenial and acknowledged the issue... although no actual appology. But that's ok, she's actually a good boss and I respect her - but I did want to see how she took the talk. she passed. :)

The Betwitched shirt came in!!! I got a large and basically its a night shirt for Z. she loved it. Thanks for the link junebugg!

The big potential contract I had a hand in lining up is getting a little vapour like. The sales dude commented to my boss that it didn't look like any potential at all... now I'm gonna see the sales guy to get 'permission' to talk direct to the client... I could get (would get) fired if I talked to the client without the sales-rep's permission. arrrgggggg!!!!!!

I grabbed the new lj client. cool. it coughs a bit during the install about a dll but I just "ignored" it and everything is fine.

Oh, and way cool with gardengnome - cowboy hat gnome girl is a dern fine lil'gnome. A regular coyote!

Well g'night lj... you've been especially good to me lately. I've had some really good stuff happen for me because of you and basically, you rawk!
ps. these friends you've hooked me up with... they rawk like all get out!!!

(sleep and eat and get peacefull lianna! hugz all over.)

oh, and kathleen... yo yo yo right back atcha girl.
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