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December 1... the countdown is running... Well, actually, several countdowns are in play...
5 more days till one associated with work kicks in... but that's not for a public post now is it! (grrr)
Christmas, of course, is working it's way towards all of us... I need to shoot out some cards.
I'm sending out like 10 cards this year... I sent out hundreds last year... The "first countdown"
has everything to do with it! so whatever. (you know that "whatever" song? Yeah...)

I can think of a million things that I want so badly...
but they all fall away when I sit on the edge of the bed
and look at my little guys sleeping...
I already have almost everything.

~ green ftls
~ black sorta jeans... sorta just nice black pants
~ dk blue t hiding under a thick turtleneck... (warm!!!!)
~ my left hand... er... yeah, stop that... I did the nails on my right hand the other night... so I did the 3 step buf thing as I drove in today on my left hand. So I need to do the rest of the deal on lefty tonight... :)
~ work.. hmmm... not sure what's in store for me today... but visio is gonna play a role... gah!
~ crossing my fingers that buddy brought in the soprano's dvds...
~ start mapping out the christmas lights... I simply refuse to use the evil canker sores (icicle strand lights) that I have in boxes at home... they suck to put up... must destroy!
~ for a good day to come along and eat up a week day in the world of crismissinapril
~ to send some good vibes to my sweet friend crayolaphoenix... just 'cause. :D
~ the world would bend a bit and let no1topaz crawl back into bed... snicker...
~ to yell and scream about what an amazing person kumi is... I wish I could meet you just to give you a high five! you so deserve one.

Some birthdays
A Late Birthday Wish for sweet lakme... She was one of the handful of friends that have been with me pretty well since the begining of this crazyness... and she will forever own a piece of my heart. Happy Birthday Suzanne... Have a wonderful year sugar.

And two on-time birthdays!! (go me...haha)

One out to lil'Alice... alicenwndrln... even though alice is not yer handle... :) You have a glittering future and I hope I am fortunate enough to track it as you live it. :D Happy Birthday sugar.

and Happy 27 to _jamielynne_... You will never seem to me to be a second over 27. Dunno what that's about... but it's always been that way. Have a wonderful birthday Jamie and I'm sure I echo the sentiment of your many friends when I hope that you will allow us the great good fortune to share yet another year with you. May all your roses have the sweetest scents...

Have a fantastic Monday... and if you can't ... fake it!
You deserve to be fooled into feeling good if it doesn't come on it's own.


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