Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


Oh I'm a wreck today... I need a long... hot hot shower and loads of cleaning.
I helped my buddy move yesterday... although me and my heria were not all that much help... I could manage to ferry boxes around and set up all his geek.

We woke up to this yesterday...
and while that's all pretty 'n all... it became a blizzard of winds and nasty ass cold... Lovely day for a move.

This is the ultimate in "I Am Canadian" moving experiences...

and if you want more... an even nastier picture of trying to load the truck in the [ :: whipping snow... :: ]

Any ways... that was yesterday... today it's kinda melty out and we've a very busy day ahead.

~ stuff I pulled on when Geo woke up and declaired "it's time to go downstairs"!
~ and a nasty itch on my head... I sooooo need a shower.
~ I need to find a roast... the grocery store butcher was out of the roast I wanted so I need one!
~ We're having 8 adults and 4 kids for dinner... (I'll have my kids on stick... hahaha) ok, no really... It's my dads birthday next week and we're having the family "do" at our house tonight. :D
~ so there will be much cooking... cleaning... and, hopefully, picture taking... :)
~ to let Geo watch the "Documentaries" on the LOTR TT X disk set... in hopes of properly prepping his brain for the movie... I know he will eventually get to see it... and I want desensitize his head to the notion of the bad guys and the fighting... "see, those are the people from that documentary doing the fighting..." blah blah blah... parenting boys is weird.
~ a big welcome home to my texas sugar jennfromtx
~ and a get well soon hope out to an newly-texanized boston pookish... lil'pookfreak
~ and an absolutely monsterous "Welcome" to Brooklynn... 8 lbs and 8 ozs... and is kimberly27616's new little neice... congratulations Kimberly.

Any ways... I need to zoooom. So hopefully I'll get to hang out a little later. :D

Have a wonderful Sunday.
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