Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

here goes...

(and I won't feel this way often but...)

Wow, you Americans are soooo lucky!
Finally someone has taken a stand against using public funds to support abortions...
Now you can all sit back and be comforted with the knowledge that welfare, education, social services, health care costs, psychological support, childrens aide and ultimately, the prison system will be tapped instead...
I mean, god forbid that you help out a young American with the costs associated with the bloated medical system for an abortion.
Why, if you did that, then women everywhere would start thinking of abortions as a means of birth control... they'd all just start getting pregnant and flocking to the clinics for a quickie hoovering out and off to the next big fuck fest...
because, of course, women can't possibly make valued decisions rationally when faced with the prospect of another opportunity to have sex with one of the great seamen dispensers...
And geez... you thought all those coat hangers were gonna be waisted.

(like I said, I won't do that often but total stupidity and the utter failure to live in this century really burns my ass!!!!)
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