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Happy Thanks Giving to my American friends.

Everybody say Cornucopia as many times as you can today... because that word is freaking off limits the rest of the year!

What 'cha thankful for?

We had our thanksgiving day feast already... diff day in Canada... but it's all the same. We all rip off our clothes and dance naked in the streets... You all do that too right?

No really... we learned about the pioneers in grade school... and we look around (or should look around) on that holiday and try to form an appreciation for what it has taken to get where we are today. Of course, if it's taken the business end of a sawed off shotgun, crying clerks in convienience stores, and broken glass... well screw you. No seriously... can you freaking imagine how hard it was for the people that settled this country... and I don't mean when the land was fat with immigration... I mean, the very earliest settlers... sweet geezus. They must have had a serious hate on for Europe. Now, of course, everybody makes like it's a big honken deal to save yer duckets and go to Europe. Hint: europe didn't change much since way back then...

~ green ftls
~ light cream p-z kinda cargos...
~ a beige t and a seriously comfy thick blue/white sweater...
~ well, work natch...
~ and to write about Survivor... bwaahahaha... I keep busting up laughing just thinking about it...
~ tonight? not sure... I think a dinner at my folks house... :)
~ that my friends who are reading today would maybe just zooom over to knightsdawn's journal and make a comment ... something... anything. He's been rather absent... I miss him. You know I love that guy right? So do me a fav... hmm...
~ that today brings the sun shine of a grand day to the world of my forever girl nbbmom... :)
~ for the confusion of one of lifes dark spells to give way to some clarity of purpose for bondas... a remarkable young woman if ever I've met one here!
~ that my buddy reens holds up under the weight of cold meds ... enough to convince herself that she's healthy 'nuf to enjoy tonight... :D
~ to mention that I really like kattaryna... just 'cause...

Ok... I need to do a little something workish... see ya later.

ps. I sooooo love this song. gah!
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