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K I'm awake. Not really super awake but both eyes are open and I remembered socks... so I must be awake!
Squeeeeel: amyaustin got to see Duran Duran up close and personal... I bet they had to wash the chairs and shovel the estrogen off the floors after that show... gah! :D :D
uby! uby! uby! (never mind... it's a cat thing).

You know... we're all only one really outstanding advance in the nature of Indexing and Search Technology away from being embarrassed on a regular basis by the information on the internet. It's time to stop thinking there's any such thing as privacy and just let it all hang out. Remember... there's nothing wrong with you... it's the people that rely on creating misfortune and ridicule for others that are the sick ones.

~ blue ftls
~ dk blue dockers
~ gray t hiding under a big comfy warm p-z turtleneck...
~ old crummy hushpuppies... with a box of shiny new docker shoes (black) waiting...
~ finish an analysis of how HP OV UNIX fits a "requirements matrix"... dum di dum...
~ go to a doctors appointment this afternoon... it's at 2:30.
~ to visit tonya's journal over and over... 'cause she's gonna have wedding pics!!
~ tonight? I'm drawing a blank.
~ you know the steam that comes off a pot boiling strawberries when you're making jam?
yeah... a lot of sweet steaming good vibes to my friend ladytess...
~ that I get to stay in touch with sirenity... she's gonna have a baby... and besides that being so much fun to share... she has a powerful beauty inside... and I love getting to read it when it sneaks out through her finger tips
~ I could have a house party in Plano, Tx... but that's just me. :D
~ that I get a chance to tell you about this thing... has to do with this song... maybe later...
~ to send a little bit of a Hey out to a new friend... from far away Finland... I look forward to your journal sleep_walker. :D
~ that my friend mrssuperbad gets just what she needs this week...

Happy Birthday paleltlspider!! Have a wonderful day.

//mini rant
alright... I am not a xenophobe... (somebody notice that I spelled that right... :D), however, that does not preclude my being sick to freaking death of the shit that we have to put up with from some of the backwards ass, head-like-a-ho-ho countries on this planet. I care whether or not the family that lives next door is ok... and that the green space in my neighborhood is maintained... I'm happy about tax breaks and upset by reports of cronyism in local government... but if Syria wants to kick the living shit out of some Syrian loser in Syria then I'm thinking that maybe it's time to pour myself a cup of tough fucking shit. The issues in the news lately related to how suspected terrorists are being treated by western and eastern governments really burns my ass but at some point you have to say enough! I'm going FORTRESS CANADA for a while and screw you idiots. I don't care where you came from... or where your parents came from, etc. We all came from somewhere... but if you're a Canadian then you are family and we should go to the mat for family... But please... stop looking for my sympathy over human rights abuses in countries that cannot find the time to yank their heads out of their asses. How many times are we going to hear a western diplomat say that there is "great hope for restarting the Middle East peace process"... Blow me! There will not be peace in the middle east until the whole freaking zone is glowing in the dark and everyone knows it. It's a land that relies one hundred percent on religious dogma and religious indignation to justify brutality and barbarism and it has been that way for millennia!!! A bunch of whities from the west are not going to make a squat of difference.
//ok... done.

~ man... I gotta stop listening to the news on the way to work...

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