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yo! lj. I had the best sleep last night I've had in ages! The past couple of mornings I've woken up at ungodly hours with a sore throat and felt like chit... so at around 10:00 last night I took a Tylenol night time extra strength cold cap. These things are a must for the medicine cabinet... they mast the outward signs of a cold well but mostly they help me get a good sleep - we're talking about taking ONE right, not a handful. One is 'half an adult dose'. Best part, no sore throat when I woke up this morning... I crashed at 11:20 - the earliest I have gone to sleep in 6 months.

I met one of my lj buddies for lunch yesterday... My first LJ buddy is a guy named ratonil and he's from Chili... he was in chili when I met him and, well you know, chili is dam far away. Then boom - the guy is here in Ottawa visiting his main squeeze who is here on business. Outstanding. ps. for anybody that knows ratonil and wonders about him... he's really very good looking, wears great frames (I always notice peoples frames - glasses - and I prefer women with glasses!!!!) and despite his own protests, his english was fine. I learned more about chili in an hour yesterday that I have in total previously in my life. If I'm lucky, I will get to see him again before he goes back to chili.

Ok, my buss is almost to where I have to get off so I'll wrap this up... but one quick thought. One of my friends noted to me that she has a secret... is that cool or what? can you imagine the degree to which we could be walking among giants here? (yea I know, or midgets… but I prefer to think big and fun and I run from negativity.) My imagination runs wild.

ps. I'm not high (see emoticon) but it sure would be better at work than stressed out.

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