Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


you a big alias fan?
I'm cutting out of respect... you might still be waiting to watch tonight's episode...

That was one screaming erection of an episode! wow.

:D <-- big happy corto!

And Sloan, Jack, Vaughn (the goofy forehead wanker! oops.. sorry andrea), Lauren (hahahahaha!) and Syd fly away together... Looks like ol'Sloan has 'em all right where he wants 'em.

Every time they run a few seconds of dialog like that bit with Sloan in the "oh look, I've got a pop-up O.R. in my storage shed." scene - trying to make ya think he's maybe not so bad - they are only a few episodes away from making you want to cram his nuts in a blender! I'm just say'en...

but seriously... The scalpel to the Dr's throat... fucking beautiful... and Fat Boy (played the psycho freak in Identity) decking Lauren... gotta say I enjoyed that... but not as much as her putting a few grams of metal into his chest... wohoo... (now she is just fucked! I'm dying here... la la la la la)

Still reading this? Any idea why it's such a big deal to hurry up and get the bullet out? is it a medical reality or a tv reality?

... and I knew he was a plant... :p

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