Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

ni ni.

There's this show on Life...
one of their "real life story" shows.
People going in for cosmetic surg...
Arm flab reduction... tummy tucks...
tummy staples, yada yada yada.

Ok... so this slavic couple is on
with the deal being his aversion to
the rolls he has around his middle.
Yup... he's lost a bunch of weight
and now he's got rolls...

So they go through the procedure
in glorious... gory detail.
I refuse to watch... it's just too
too... tooooooooo much. I'm all for
people making choices... I just don't
have any remote desire to watch the
operation... mk?

Fine... However that's all beside the point.
The thing of it is, that the couple...
on the interview stage of the process
is shown in their home discussing the procedure
and voice overing with all their positive affirmations
about their choice.

And all the while I'm staring at his wife
with this freaking growth on her nose.

WTF? "honey, lets break the bank so I can lose
these rolls... but ... you keep that third
nipple on yer nose."


West Wing rocked... very satisfying dramatic television.
(and nobody got liposuctioned!).

now it's bed time...
and there is no frigging chance I'll be at work tomorrow.
sick .
ick .
sick !
needs to get bedda fast!

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