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diss'en my friend? I don't think so...

many many of my idle thoughts are spinning around my friend lianna. she's in one heck of a complicated place right now. a good karma blast is in order...
~~~>< BANG ><~~~
Part of her challenge was presented earlier by way of her reposting in the front of her journal a note she received elsewhere.

It was from a complete and utter flee of a being. Someone so completely outside the boundries offered by any sensabilities beyond blind instinct. You know 'instinct' like a BUG.

I read that persons' note and found myself saying to myself... "Self, this sounds like the ranting of a kid in grade 3... certainly not a circumstance that an adult could actually face..."

If dude has a prob with the fruit of his own fricking actions why the heck should you give a flying phuque? He's a big boi... leave off and don't come back.

You have very little appreciation for the nature of friendship if you think your ranting and diss'en of my friend would do anything to that friendship except strengthen it.

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