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~ sometimes it almost (Almost... but not quite) hurts to bite my tongue over the shit I see going on with some friends... I mean... some people are just fucking f.u.c.k.e.d and they zoom along like nobody is gonna notice... let alone that they don't maybe even notice themselves.

~ If I pay the Company "Social Committee" like $5.00 per pay check... without any choice in the matter... why do I have to pay $50 to go the Christmas party - which, btw, is held in January? I'm thinking maybe I would rather whip it out and tell 'em to get to work... 'cause that's pretty well the only way they're getting another cent outta me... wankers.

~ First Rule Of Life: get over yourself... shit happens and you deal.

~ Yeah, so I'm sitting at a board table the other day... the "team" is assembled.
Everybody is talking in a language I only barely understand, but I'm doing my best...
We're talking about stuff that needs doing and I make a few excuses for why I'm behind...
My boss zeros in on me...
so I get whiney...
and I get frustrated...
so I talk back.
Then she gets up and hits me.

* ok... so why do you think it's ok to hit your kid? Yeah I made that up!
Don't care... no excuses... sorry... nope, tough.
What exactly are you teaching your kid when you hit him... or her...
The only thing I can think of is that you are pounding home the notion that you aren't up to the job you signed on for.
~ and no... this isn't about you... I mean... is it? Hey if you have to ask...
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