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morning... :D

Life is almost - but not quite - back to normal in the land of waking up... so we were a little rushed today and Geo missed his bus... drat! My morning pic is from the office... no time at home today. :D (ok, that's impossible... it takes like 15 seconds... truth is I forgot in the rush to get his little lordship to school...:D)

Alrighty... so we put back Finding Nemo like college boys clearing out a 2-4. Now, of course, everybody in our house can speak whale. Fun... the first few times... and, note, the speaking whale thing does not translate well to swearing... it just gets weird. :D

I loved Terminator 3. I liked the characters... although I always seem to have trouble with Danes... she's just too... something. But The little guy... looked a bit like he could grow up to be John Connor from the first movie and the way the story came full circle was the very best... well, no... the very best was the gag reel moment when T-X (Kristanna Loken) does the thumbs out dancing bit on the heels of acting out the "getting shot" poses... She was outstanding... but clearly didn't get enough lines. :D And can you ever feel the wheels turning for T4!! :D I suppose I'm easily satisfied by action movies... but I see that as a plus so quit yer whining...

~ green ftls
~ black sorta jeans..
~ gray t and a long sleeve p-z, dark blue... and I would have change the pants to beige after picking the shirt... but, there was this Hurry Up thing going on. :D
~ ack... more actual work... need to do some visio stuff...
~ tonight? not a freaking clue... seriously... hmm... I so wish I was a rich bastard, sitting on a deck in Bermuda wearing a gawdy shirt and grunting... but I suppose that would get boring. :D
~ to send some good karma to a very sweet friend... kumi... You should have confidence in your spirit today sugar.
~ for mini miracles to find their way to sweet ladyfire... I hope little kitty is ok. and yikes on the windshield!!!
~ congrats out to ashie on the job!!!! :D
~ um... justvisiting sugar... just itch it! In fact... make a big deal out of it... :D
~ to send some good vibes to my friendnagylover just because...
~ and bunch more to _lifeinpublic... you deserve great big giant hugs and squishes and all that... er... again, just because... :D

Truth of the day... Confidence is the real solution.

It's a fine line... the one between being full of shit and being full of confidence.
But you gotta learn to tred that one. It's everywhere in your life.
You grow up the day you find the confidence to deal with your parents like they're... well, people, not just parents.
The world of work is your playground when you have confidence in your actions and words... especially words!!
Sex, relationships, friendships... and love... confidence makes all the difference.
You don't have to be great... shit... you don't have to even be that good...
It's just a matter of believing in yourself, and everyone else can feel it.
... and when you don't have it... you wear it like a shroud.
It's unattractive... and it's unfair to ... you.
Be beautiful on the inside... get confident!

ok... I'll stop.

Have a great monday muchachos et muchachas...
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