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It's evil cold and damp outside. The sky is gray with light poking through thin bits of the clouds and it really doesn't matter. Why? Because everything is right in my world. Work is ... well, the same... but the life part of living is wonderful. K'mere ... touch me... you'll get a zap... yeah. I'm electric. Smile... go on. Imagine your cat, dog or kid trying to walk around with pringles tubes over their legs or something... if that's what it takes but SMILE! There are so many good reasons to smile.

"What d'ya say Merv?"
*(my fav line from Matrix Revolutions... and boy oh boy am I looking forward to stepping frame by frame through that club scene when the DVD comes out! :D)

I recall, and it was at least a year ago, stopping in a clothing store to deck myself out in leather... Didn't buy anything... but I managed black leather pants that fit and a leather jacket... and you know... the 1000$ class of that sort of leather... is wicked comfortable... and soft... and light... and wow... Looks like I fell out of a porno flick but still... it was awsome. Too bad it's expensive and kinda dumb looking on me. :D hahaha...

~ red stripe-ee ftls
~ black jeans... er... sorto nicer fabric than denim... so whatever
~ gray t hiding under my uber comfy p-z turtleneck
~ learning more about xVid encoding... wowzers...
~ back on to the project management training courses
~ and docs for the boss (stuff ya do while you sit on the bench waiting to be laid off...)
~ eat the rest of the crack I got last week... :D :D :D (it's coffee beans, relax)
~ West Wing tonight...
~ just warm fuzzy vibes to my pal velcro_girl and little claps for Erik... it's all about the family for results like that sugar... go you!
~ to send a few very heart felt cheers to my friend cherripop212 for the success so far! :D
~ some healing vibes for sweet occipitaldruid... !!
~ to tell a secret to breekola but then I wouldn't get to tell everyone else... you're FANTASTIC... :D
~ really really big sudden "get better" vibes for super-girl psychomagnet ... gah! it's not fair that you should get sick now!!! not fair at all.
~ and btw, doesn't psychomagnet sound like a cool Terentino-Esque Super Hero name...??

ps. damn... I already finished the crack!

K... so in about 16 days my LJ account runs out... this is a problem. Gah!
edit: ok... so now it's 2 months and 16 days.. .hehe... a reminder that the good vibes in the world are a revolution... as in .. .they go around. Thank you sugar-bre.

I want the font for the "Got Milk" logo... I've looked but I keep coming to dead ends... any pointers for me?

A guy in western canada emailed me yesterday ... he explained the interesting way around the net that landed him on my web site [ :: corto's web :: ] and he went on to say some nice stuff about the site... That felt good. ;) Thanks Vaun. :D

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