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ok... it's a bit later than I was shooting for but... still.. Beats 2.

Alias... in hd format (xvid) was freaking amazing... better quality video than I have ever had before for the show... gah!

Personally... I could just slap Vaughn sometimes.
and we've taken to ridiculing Lauren for her overbite. Adding commentary to her lines with references to the NSC's dental plan... :D

alrighty... it's time for bed!

See ya tomorrow.

ps. i'm less than impressed with the results of searching for the origins of the phrase "on the lam". Found them... they're just not exciting. i was hoping for something interesting.

pps. i'm using lower case "i" in place of I for a while as a tribute to my friend movingforward

ppps. (no really... last one, then bed). Has anyone ever heard about a specific sound that does not Echo... you know, like off a cliff over a vally you yell "hello" and it echos back at ya... "hello"... I mean... sure... but I recall reading something in Lj a while ago about a specific beast or something who's call does not echo... Example: loon calls do not echo... or Cayote howls do not echo... (both just examples) ... but there is an answer to this.
edit: ok... so I found [ :: this :: ] talking about the idea that a duck's quack does not echo... but the link goes on to say it may be utter garbage... so whatever.

(yes, strange things occupy my tiny little brain).

night night.
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