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Ring the bell!

so back in October... one of my little guys turned 8. George.

We took him and eight of his friends to this place called "CyberDome" [ :: check out their website :: ]

There was laser tag... a great cake (that I made and they - as kids - did not appreciate... but that's ok... :D) and loads of fun...

but there was an important moment in the day... and I wanna tell ya about it.

George, like most kids, has the normal fear zone. He's got Kid-Fearless sewn up, but he still knows enough to get jittery when it's pushing his own limits.
The Cyberdome place has a rock climbing wall... an "advanced wall" and a "regular wall". Z and both brought out shoes and scaled the wall - still trying to get out moneys worth out of the shoes) and all the kids had a go at it.

They all follow the same pattern...
Step 1: wow
Step 2: climb furiously
Step 3: come to first difficult spot...
Step 4: look down
Step 5: ask to be let down and .... we're done.

We went back for another round at the end of the party... Edward, Geo and his best-est buddy were the only kids left.
Well... when Geo got to step 4... we were calling out to him... DON'T LOOK DOWN! (but he did) and JUST ONE MORE NOTCH... (which he also did!).
Then he took off... it's like he reached a decision to just go for it... and he climbed all the way to the top and rang the bell.

This is a really big deal... for him... and in general. He was literally shaking when he got down...

The point:
It's moments like that... when a kid pushes past his own barriers and reaches for the stars... that can set a pace within to achieve in so many other ways.

Here' he is getting started on the wall...

and being Mr. Climber Guy...

His brother... Edward... does not go for the gold... but he goes for the wall and for a little 5 year old... he did great!

No NO!!! GEO. Don't look down!

WOW... really high.


Here's a couple of AVI's shot with the little camera.

[ :: Geo Climbing (7.5 mgs) :: ]

[ :: Ed Climbing (6.8 mgs) :: ]

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