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Go download this song from somewhere, put it in your player and go. It's just do'en it for me lately. In fact... [ :: here :: ] That's a link to the song on my site... it's been renamed to so that it wont try and "play" when you grab it... but it's not a zip file... rename it to an MP3. (note it's a 4 meg file yo... so it may be faster to grab it from Kazaa or somewhere).

Times change ... and so to do the meanings of certain words... Take "PUNK" for example... regardless of what Punk may have meant at any other time it now is the perfect descriptive term for a middle age man that drives 5 km's over the speed limit in the fast lane on a highway and simply will not move for the massive line up of eager beavers stretching away behind him... He's a freaking PUNK ... ya hear me Punk? PUNK PUNK PUNK! phew... well, that felt good.

~ blue ftls...
~ beige dockers
~ light beige t
~ this kinda cool long sleeve, button-up shirt... it's like "almost corduroy" texture... dark blue. Beige and Blue? eh...
~ well now ... how about something completely different..
~ work on the project management training course...
~ work on the HP HA document... bwaahahahahahaha... ahhhhhhhhhh
~ Note: HP OV cannot be made to operate as an HA (High Availability) product without spending actual cash ... which these guys are just not going to do. hahaha... oh geez.
~ It's a West Wing night and it's looking like a good episode tonight... (yeah!)
~ for life to spin a little magic for my friend rememberingyou... please.
~ this whole Guy Fawkes thing... it's all news to me.... interesting bit of history... and thanks to kendokamel I've connected the dots to Fawkes the Phoenix... cool .:D
~ for just a little spontaneity to find it's way to my friend wizbanger ... :D
~ to send a little applause (apple sauce) to no1topaz... achievement is the gasoline in the car that gets you ahead in life!

So we watched the Matrix Reloaded again last night... I clearly would like to spank Persephone with a wet hand... er... ok, never mind that last bit. I do love the moment when freaky french dude who's name I'm officially forgetting says "alright... you have some talent". bwaahahaha... Coworkers will sneak away from the office today to go see Matrix Revolutions at the monster theater complex NEXT DOOR. However, I'm saving it to with Z... she's into the Matrix thing... we've shared each of the movies new together... and this one will be an "us" memory too. :D

I really need some coffee... and I am sooo out of crack it's evil... I'll have to make a trip to starbucks and stock up on some choco beans...

Each night (old news this) Geo wakes at like 3:00 am and crawls onto my side of the bed and sleeps quietly on the edge of bed... I wake up to him there every day. Edward has begun the same deal, except on Z's side of the bed... Ed has a terrific issue with covers... he wont put up with them for any real length of time so I'm kinda glad he's on her side of the bed... (snicker) ... The point of this little story? Ok ok ... today, after getting G's lunch ready and seeing he was set with Z for breaky and stuff... I went back up for a shower... and there was Ed... looking all snuggly warm and teeny tiny in the bed... so I crawled in beside him and draped my housecoat over us... and he rolled towards me and snuggled up close... gahhhh!!! you cannot imagine how warm and perfect moments like that are. :D It's a miracle that I was able to not fall back into a deep sleep.

alrighty... see ya later yo. :D
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