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howdy howdy howdy... look... I'm Woody!

Man... a lot happens in a month yo. China sends some poor shmo into space and they get him back again!!! Next thing you know someone over there is gonna invent colour television. Join with me in being a part of the great collective that is busy underestimating the impact China will have on... everything.

I spent a lot of time feeling horrible and eating up internet news sources as the fires raged in So-Cal in the last little while. I have so many friends down there and to think that their worlds were so close to simply burning up... it must have been a very unnerving time. I'm guessing that everything is now covered with a fine white powder now... and, of course, there's as many good jokes wrapped up in that last clause as there are in the notion that Arnie is on deck to lead the Soveriegn State Of California (did ya know that's the proper name?). The fires were horrible!!! But besides that... it seems like everything that happens in California is basically fodder for Leno and Letterman monologues.

~ red stripee ftls
~ these new black pants... kinda jeans... kinda canvas... definately dark dark black... comfy and they fit great.
~ gray t hiding under a big warm p-z turtleneck...
~ on smiling a lot... I'd be dancing around too but I'm already on thin ice at work... hahaha... so... ok, no dancing. ;) (good moods are fun though... even if you can only do happy feet dancing under yer desk)
~ oh lots of yawning... I am sooooo good at yawning...
~ to eat my packed lunch and read the Livejournal Lunch For Life page ... and then see what I can do.
~ figure out how to freeze frame (and have it actually work) in Adobe Premier
~ keep working on a document for my boss about a HA configuration for OpenView
~ take lessons 3 and 4 in a project management course I taking on-line... dum di dum...
~ finish the movie part of my ADIML post... question: anybody have a 15 megs of web space on a high speed ISP that I can use for a week? (I have hundreds of megs on my server but my upload speed is very limited.)
~ get George to do a dry run of a presentation he has to give on Wednesday.
~ talk to my dad... it's always a good day to talk to my dad. :D
~ that I get to go to England one day soon... that way I can show up at knightsdawn's house and take his family out to dinner... because... well just because.
~ I had a Larry Niven'esque "stepping stone" that transported me to Huntsville. It seems there's always a good reason to visit huntsville... BreekolaBree being chief among them... but there are so many.
~ that the world of Owen, Wes, Nate and Jess ... the world of pixiecup & ofsilence is a healthy one and that sunrises find sweet Jess well rested.
~ for a doctors visit to tell my very preggers friend katie8471 that everything is ok... and then for her to tell me... so I can stop worrying.. :D
~ for the full rescue of chrissmari... k'mere you!
~ to point out that Michelle... aka no1topaz is candy... not the kind that sticks to your teeth mind you, but soft melty kinda candy that you can't get enough of.

Somehow I managed to make a bunch of new friends while I was away... ;) Nice to see ya. :D
and I missed a lot of birthdays... gah... I'll clear that up... promise.

Hey Alias fans... did you like last nights show? What is the deal with Lauren... they clearly want us to like her again. Last week we have her in the High Speed chase with Syd and then last night... the panties and bra moment with the (hahahahahaha) bend over to pull on the pants... directly at the camera... I dunno, but that pose just makes a womans breasts look like utters. However, that much cheese seems like their jonesing for us to like her. Rats. I was just getting the hang of having a good hate on for her!!!

Mmk... I gotta get busy with a few things... talk at ya later.
*sigh*... I have happy fingers... :) :D :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Edit: lol Sorry Nate... I had ya down as a Nick... for no reason other than haste. :D
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