Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


It's sunny as I drive to work.
Every horizon is black...
As clouds cluster around me
Threatening rain and wind and cold.
But there is sunshine for the drive
And I'll let that be a good thing.

In two days... Count 'em ... One ... Two... tonya is getting married.
It's time for a little bit of that LJ magic... you know... vibes that come from so many hearts.
Please nick over to her journal and post a quick note to wish her well.

You're an amazing young woman Tonya... The future will hold so many new beginings for you and your main squeeze!!!
I hope your marriage is like a room full of carefully wrapped presants.... and that you both open something new and exciting in your lives every day.

~ red ftls
~ cream p-z cargos
~ gray t and a bluenotes sweater...
~ well, it's a SURVIVOR night... so you can guess what tonights all about.
~ today? today is another day of trying to finish some reports on the HPOV environment...
~ and a little something to distract myself...
~ that I'm not making a big mistake.
~ for patient friends...

I'm going to take a break.

Nothing save death will keep me from writing the survivor updates, but besides that...
I am turning all things LJ off for a month or so, and turning off my home web cameras too.

My web site will be up and hopefully will see some changes and additions...
But mostly... October is a busy month for my family and I want to focus my
attention on them.

Remember; play nice... hating takes work and love'en? Well that's easy... you just needs some towels to clean up the mess.

See you soon.

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